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Edgewater Boats Boats For Sale

Bosun's Marine Edgewater Boats Inventory

Edgewater Boats Boats For Sale.

Edgewater boats offer a wide range of boat options to suit your every need, available now at Bosun's Marine in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody. Prepare to make waves with one of their expertly crafted models!

For years, Edgewater has been dedicated to providing its customers with boats of the highest craftsmanship and quality. Whether it be superior engineering or cutting-edge features, they strive for excellence in all aspects of boat building. Edgewater’s attention to detail throughout production stages garnered unsurpassable ratings from delighted boaters across land and sea. 

Kick-start your Edgewater boating adventure now! With Bosun's Marine, you can find a boat for sale tailored to your exact needs. Whether looking for a brand new 2023 or a used Edgewater boat, your search begins with Bosun's Marine in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody. Choose from many new or used Edgewater models in our extensive inventory. 

Bosun's Marine Edgewater Boats Inventory

Edgewater Boats Models

170 CC
188 CC
230 CC
248 CX
262 CX
370 CC

Edgewater boats are known for their impressive lineup of Center Console, Saltwater Fishing, Dual Console, and Bowrider models. They have become a fan favorite for those who love spending their days on the water. The Edgewater brand is known for producing high-quality boats in a realistic price range that gets excellent reviews, making them one of the most popular brands in boating. Edgewater boats offer a long list of available models for sale at Bosun's Marine. If you’re looking for a boat that’s up to any challenge, Edgewater has the ideal boat for you. And if you are ready to take your water adventures to the next level, explore Edgewater boats for sale at Bosun's Marine in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody now.

Edgewater Power Boats was founded in 1992 by legendary engineer Bob Daugherty, who envisioned building powerboats with unprecedented stability through innovative hull design. His vision led Edgewater to pioneer an industry-changing manufacturing technique called Single-Piece Infusion that produces stronger yet lighter hulls. This pioneering spirit, combined with a commitment to family luxury, defines the Edgewater brand. From the keel up, every Edgewater powerboat is crafted to deliver an unparalleled on-water experience that lets owners maximize their time on the waves. Nearly three decades after its founding, Edgewater continues to push the boundaries of powerboat performance, comfort, and style with Nimbus Group at the helm. Find hundreds of Edgewater boats for sale in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody and learn why people fall in love with the Edgewater brand at Bosun's Marine today! 

Edgewater separates from the pack with dedicated craftsmanship for every boat. Custom-tailored, with no robotic assembly, just American ingenuity and hard work. Edgewater boats offer a design that is intelligently engineered, versatile, and completely unsinkable, with performance that combines lightweight and rock-solid all in one. Edgewater offers up the perfect vessel for any type of boating adventure imaginable. This high quality and reliability makes Edgewater a popular boat at Bosun's Marine. Whether cruising or fishing, an Edgewater will have exactly what you need. Discover Edgewater oats for sale in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody and learn more about the Edgewater brand at Bosun's Marine. 

Find a wide range of new 2023s and plenty of used Edgewater boats for sale in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody. Since its inception, Edgewater has quickly climbed to the top of boats for sale lists. Owners have praised Edgewater for continually improving their product quality, so it’s no wonder why this brand is one of the most popular choices here at Bosun's Marine. Find your new or used Edgewater boat for sale in Cape Cod, Maryland, & Peabody.

Bosun's Marine Edgewater Boats Inventory

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